Monday, March 20, 2006


3/20/06 Monday
Good morning world. We’re both up. Cherie woke up screaming in pain at 4:50 this morning. She had one of those rude and painful Charlie horse cramps so I massaged her leg to help relieve it. I suspect this is partly a side affect of the walk we went on yesterday. We have both pretty much forgotten about going to the Y and working out so are not in shape. Not that we would have been. It would take about a year of working out for us to claim to be in shape.

I have to get up early anyway because I will be taking Barb’s cat to a vet or someplace that offers free ball snips. This will help reduce the number of kittens these cats produce. Of course it’s the female that needs to be fixed. The cats spend more time outside than in. That will be my good deed for the day, getting a cats balls chopped off. I can be proud.

Well…I read the last paragraph. Left it there to illustrate one of the strange problems with this brain injury. I was trying to be funny and didn’t come close, at least I don’t think I did. I have a hard time with jokes. I often wait to see if others laugh because I miss it. It’s one of the social skills I lost that sometimes causes problems with others. I am often a funny guy and am good at making Cherie and others laugh so I have learned fairly well but I miss the mark on occasion. I read this to Cherie and her reaction was “Oh God”. That’s one of the reasons I often have her read this before I publish it.

Now back to short term memory problems. In my calendar it says MS Dinner 6:00. for Wednesday the 22. I dimly remember asking Cherie if she would like to go, maybe. I don’t have a clue what this is or where it is, just when it is. Cherie doesn’t know either. I looked and looked through the pile of stuff on the table and other than finding many things I need to do and forgot about there seems to be nothing about a dinner. I looked on the MS website and found nothing there. I guess I will have to call the MS Society and ask them. All I know is that there is something going on someplace at sometime to do something somewhere and somehow I don’t have a clue. Some mystery Huh? Welcome to Bob life. This is a daily event. That is why I must write everything down. I put it in the calendar but didn’t put the details.

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