Saturday, March 04, 2006

The start for the day

This is a sunrise in Mosul, Iraq that my son took a picture of. He told me that the sunrises and sunsets are one of the few redeeming qualities of the area.

3/4/06 Saturday
It is a beautiful, sunny, and twenty degree morning. Typical for Toledo in March. I will get Wayne to the bank and grocery store this morning. There is a craft show at the Rec Center today that Cherie would like to go to so I’ll put that on the agenda.

I just sent an E mail to a guy in West Texas who seems very involved in the community down there. This is just one of the things I will be doing to warn West Texas that I am coming so they can run and hide. Nah! They don’t run and hide down in West Texas, they might just set up a road block with a big sign saying “Yankee go home”. Hey, I was born in West Texas, just because I haven’t lived there in twenty seven years and lost my accent doesn’t make me a Yankee. Now I admit I’ve seen some things up here that y’all would find a bit uncomfortable but it’s a big world and the more you see the smarter you get. (I don’t know if that is true but it sounds good)

Actually the folks in West Texas are generally pretty friendly. Allot friendlier than you find up here. I remember that as you pass someone on the farm roads they would lift their index finger as a friendly greeting. If I did that in the wrong neighborhood here it would be assumed I used my middle finger and they would chase me down with a gun for “dis’n” them. I think there is less tolerance for those who don’t “fit in the box” in West Texas. Things like long hair brings out a judgmentalism as you are automatically categorized. Of course you find that everywhere, it’s just that there are different boxes for different areas of society. Now I haven’t been there in twenty seven years so I really don’t have a clue what I will find when we move.

I just cooked eggs and hashbrowns for us and we are preparing for the day. I called Wayne to make sure he was awake. He wasn’t but he is now. Just for fun I told him I would pull up in three minutes so he had better be ready. That woke him up. “I’ll be there in about thirty of forty minutes” I reassured him so he will have time to get moving. We need to buy him another alarm clock as he broke the last one we got for him. Time to get moving.

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