Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let's see how it goes

3/22/06 Wednesday
Well, lets see how it goes today. Right now I am doing well and running about a 7 on the Bob scale. That’s about average for me, what seems to be my normal level. I function well here and can usually finish most of the tasks I start. This morning I plan on washing the bathroom floor. Cherie had asked me to do it a day or three ago. Not sure when but that’s OK. I showered and shaved. From the looks of the beard I hadn’t shaved for a few days.

After I get the bathroom cleaned I think I will vacuum this place. I called Fred to see how he’s doing. His machine picked it up so I left a message. I think he is upset that I am cutting Barb off. I will take her to the grocery store but will no longer take her for the free food. Far as I’m concerned the Leach needs to be giving her money for food. He lives there and eats her food. I don’t think he contributes to the rent. Barb told me before she caught him smoking crack and she let it slip that she has also. I know from experience that the desire for crack never really goes away and they are surrounded with it. The Leach (Basil, I got no problem publishing his name cause I will only change names to protect the innocent. That ain’t him) makes good money as a brick layer but is always broke.

Best get to doing stuff before I go off on a tangent and forget what I have planned to do. I did leave a message on Allen’s phone because I got some paperwork I need to fill out for him with Social Security. This evening we go to the MS dinner with the speakers on the research in that area. I think I will fix breakfast first. I actually feel the sensation of hunger this morning, a rare thing but perhaps a good sign that I will be sharp today. Who knows. Ta Da, dant de da…We’re Off.

I am having chest pains, which is unusual, so will take some aspirin. Fred just called and would like to go to the Pharm and the dollar store to pick up some garbage bags which I am sure are for Barb. That’s fine, I’m glad to take Fred anywhere he wants to go.

Here's another picture of my son in Iraq. He sends some regularly and they are greatly appreciated. I don't know how he turned out so good considering he had me as a father. I suppose I did some good there.

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