Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Death is certain. Life is not.

Fred also said Barb had called and asked if I could take her to cash her check when she got it and go to the store. I said that would be no problem and would call her from the Dollar Tree when I got done to see if the check had arrived. It had so I headed straight over. When I got there Barb told me that Dawn had died last night. She had found out when Dawn’s lesbian partner of seventeen years came to her door this morning crying.

Dawn is one of the people in Barb’s complex I help. She has had congestive heart failure and her health was delicate so this was no surprise. She had been getting weaker over the last few months and I have had to carry the groceries I took her to get for her. Barb found her unconscious on the floor last week so Dawn has been in the hospital ever since. Evidently her kidney gave out and poisoned her whole system. I don’t think Dawn was too old, perhaps thirty eight or so but, like the others, she lived a hard life and her physical condition is a result of that.

Again the consequences of poor decisions linger for a lifetime and often cannot be avoided. “You reap what you sow” is a principal that holds true. You can find it repeated in different ways in most of the religions of the world. Be it Karma or reincarnation or whatever. If you live by the sword you die by the sword. Death is inescapable. I had the good fortune of dying once and coming back. Hey! I’m lucky. I get to die twice, but I guarantee you this, I will live a life I can be proud of and I intend to leave a mark behind that is a good one. The only thing that remains after death is the lives you touch. That tells what kind of man you were. Money and possessions vanish away upon death, dispersed out like dust blown by the wind.

In all this I forgot I was to cook dinner so I rushed to get the roast in. I usually cook it slow over a period of hours but pushed it. Come to find out it was still frozen despite being in the fridge for two days. I seared it and got it going. Who knows how it will turn out. There was a ton of liquid that came out of it so it may be tough and dry. Part of this will be from it being frozen as the ice crystals tear the meat.

Oh yeah, here’s some pictures Bruce E mailed me from Iraq. One is a Russian truck they use and one he called the General Dynamics striker. That’s the mosque looking building. Don’t have a clue what it is. Maybe a power plant or something. The last one is a bunker in Kuwait that was hit by one of our bunker buster bombs

Anyway it has been a day and I am tired. Got a slight headache but that don’t bother me. Cherie is home and this is time I spend with her so this journal is done for now. Got more important things to do, like love my wife. See ya.

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