Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some times things just get a little prickly. For some protection comes from being nasty of you get to close. Unfortunately it keeps good away also.

I’m fixing the Bruce Springsteen CD’s I ripped and placed on Cherie’s computer. It didn’t do it right yesterday so I went on line and updated her Media Player along with other updates for Microsoft programs. As I reload this I am listening to the music and the words, the poetry, the ability to tell a story in a short time, are inspirational. These are things I need to learn and develop to pursue being a writer. They are glimpses of things Bruce has seen and felt. There are so many glimpses in my life that are…well, powerful, emotional, sad, happy, and revealing.

One of the things I wish to do when we reach Texas is take some writing courses. This is where the power is. The ability to not just tell a story but make those who hear feel it, to transport them so they are there with you and can see what you saw. I have lived many lives and seen much. There is wealth in my memories. Things that can open eyes and bring understanding. Things that can help some be better and live better by possibly helping them avoid the mistakes I have made. This would be a legacy I can be proud of for these words will last long after I am gone. Whether anyone will read them I don’t know but if I help one person that will be enough.

11:00 Time to take Fred out.
Got Fred out to the bank where he took care of his problem. Then we went to the Dollar Tree where he got a list of stuff. I ran him over to Radio Shack after to get him the light bulbs for his reader. He looked for an antenna for Barb’s TV but they didn’t really have one that was cheap. He was out of steam by then and had to get on his breather before I drove him home.

Now I need to take care of something that is a result of a previous entry. Common sense and kids seldom go together.
Fred just called and said he was double charged for the Ajax he got at the Dollar Tree so I got to go back and get his dollar.

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