Thursday, March 16, 2006

A busy day ahead

3/16/06 Thursday
This will be a busy day. I’m not too bad this morning. The brain is running at a 6 on the Bob scale. This afternoon I will be taking Wayne to the Women Against MS Luncheon. The speaker will be David Lander who played “Squiggy” on the Laverne and Shirley television show as well as being in several films and doing voiceovers. He has MS and is very active with the National MS Society. It is my goal to help Wayne at this luncheon. Not only will he hear a positive message but I may be able get him some support by making his story known. This is important because Cherie and I will be moving to Texas. I finally printed up some business cards promoting this blog which I will hand out. I will also print up a few copies of Wayne’s story. I’m not sure if this will be considered appropriate but, hey I’m a salesman.

I got the package from Sally Edwards, the lawyer I found to take Wayne’s Social Security case. This is good to get. I will take it to Wayne when I pick him up for the luncheon and help him fill it out. His hand writing is deteriorating because of the MS.

This morning, when Cherie woke up she had lots of questions about the truck I will pick up from the storage area. What time I will get it and how I will drive it home without the car. It is good she thinks in the morning cause I had not considered these questions. I also forgot we have to leave a check as a deposit for the truck. Cherie writes all the checks as my name is not on the checking account. This is fine as it helps her keep a handle on finances. I’m usually pretty good but sometimes forget where we are at and don’t think things through. Cherie was my payee with the Social Security disability when I first got it. That was three years ago when I was still a little rough from the brain damage. We balance each other out well and make a great team.

I will dress up a little today for the luncheon. Need to call Wayne to remind him and perhaps wake him up if he didn’t use the alarm clock I bought him yesterday. Hope I don’t have a slow down. It is new and unfamiliar situations that are hard on me and trigger slow downs.

Allen called last night and wanted me to come over and “help”. I told him I was going to be busy the next two days so he asked if I would come over Saturday of Sunday. I am not inclined to so because this is time I try to reserve to be with Cherie. I let Allen know that if I had some free time today or tomorrow I would call him. I do need to get the information from the Pain Foundation to him so will make an effort.

Can’t think of much else for this morning so I must get going. I showered, shaved, and fixed a bowl of oatmeal. You may ask why I put such mundane things in this entry so I will explain. Some days doing these basic things is an achievement and many days I simply can’t remember if I did so I look in the journal to see. Again this journal serves as my memory for those times I need it. That’s not all the time mind you just now and then.

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