Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I wear my sunglasses at night

3/14/06 Tuesday
It’s Toledo. Yesterday the temperature went over 70 and this morning there are snow flurries and it’s 24 degrees. That’s OK with me, I’m used to it, just keeping y’all up to date on things.

At the moment this brain is operating at a 7 on the Bob scale. My right ear is ringing and I have no idea what that portends. It does this allot. Sometimes it means nothing but sometimes it is one of the precursors to a slow down. Who knows what’s coming. I am thinking that the instability of this brain is something that comes and goes in long ebbs and flows. I go for weeks with few slow downs and the have a period where they are increased both in frequency and duration. If this is due to stress levels is unclear to me. Partly because I can’t remember. I do know that the last few days have been hard.

Today I am to take Wayne to the VA for lab tests. I better call him and see if he is supposed to fast and make sure he does. There was no answer so odds are he is still asleep or in the bathroom. I think I need to buy him an answering machine.

I finally got a hold of Wayne. He had turned the ringer off because of more phone calls at 3:00 or so in the morning. They are usually high and abusive, always asking for some woman. I can’t blame him for turning the ringer off and this strengthens my resolve to get him an answering machine. Wayne didn’t look at his calendar this morning so didn’t fast like he was supposed to for his lab work. I rescheduled him for tomorrow.

I also called Ellen, my ex wife’s cousin. She was surprised to hear from me, wondering why I was calling. We talked a bit about how things are going for each of us. She will be having another back surgery. She said she broke her ankle around Christmas. Her brother bought the house from her mother, which is not good news as they don’t get along. She is looking for another place to live and would prefer to buy one. She is on disability so that makes the budget tight. I told her I had information about government programs for those in her position. I think we do but will have to check with Cherie on that.

I told Ellen about the blog but Ellen doesn’t do computers at all. This is because it was working at a computer at Blue Cross for years is what caused the damage leading to her disability. Hearing that made me think of the pain I go through while sitting at this computer. That is why I sometimes lay in bed with the laptop on my knees. Hurts allot less.
I also called my son Adam when I saw that the instant messenger face was on next to his name in Yahoo. No one answered so I left another message. I’ll keep trying.

I’ve got a headache on the way. Still running about a seven. Fixed a big breakfast/lunch. Four eggs, grits, flour gravy, and toast. I won’t need to eat for the rest of the day, or at least till dinner. I need to write Wayne’s story so if I start on it now it stands a better chance of getting done.

Cherie came home for lunch as I was writing the previous paragraph. We talked about things and she reminded me to call and set up a time for the orientation at Direct Buy. Cherie said she was worrying that we had made a wrong decision there. That is Cherie’s way, no matter what she worries about it. I reassured her “Cherie, the math works no matter how you look at it. We’re going to spend a ton of money on the farm over the next two years and most of what we need Direct Buy has. That includes things like windows and lots of other stuff”. She felt better and told me so. I said to forget about worrying “We’re blessed. You worried after you married me didn’t you?”. “Yes” she said with a sheepish smile on her face. “Well that worked out. Your not worried now are you?” I said, smiling because I know the answer to that. This put a big smile on her face, which always makes my heart smile.

While we were talking I put my sunglasses on because the headache is moving to migraine and the light from the windows was beginning to hurt my eyes. I joked and sang the refrain from the song “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” changing the words to I wear my sunglasses in the house. Now she is gone back to work. I have closed the blinds and taken aspirin and a Tramadol. I’ll hold off on the Zomig till it gets real bad. I suppose I’ll take this laptop and the five pages Wayne wrote to the bedroom and work on that.

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