Monday, March 13, 2006

Stormy morning but things are clearing

3/13/06 Monday
The storms are here. I’ve got the blinds open to watch the lightning. The power of nature always impresses me and puts me in my place. In life there are always things you can’t control so worrying about them is just a waste of time. This line of storms caused over one hundred tornados in Missouri.

This morning both Cherie and I were tired, mostly because we stayed up and watched a “Chick flick” called ten ways to lose a man or something like that. The ending was one of those “I love you” ones where the two main players figure out they had fallen in love after ten days of hell. I found the movie disturbing despite the ending. While I live a love story that is moving to all who hear it was the premise of deception the relationship was based on that bothered me. I’ve been burned by lying and manipulating women too many times and the movie dredged those old feelings up.

That is just one of the wonders with Cherie and I. Trust. trust is something that gives us both peace, that we can put our lives into each others hands without fear or trepidation. In my mind trust is one of the most valuable things there is.

The only thing I have scheduled for today is to take Barb’s cats to get fixed. The cats are a big part of her emotional support as pets often are. Unfortunately they keep having litters and she faces eviction if she has more than one. This will help stabilized things as long as she doesn’t keep taking in strays.

There is a pile of stuff I put on top of my calendar that I need to address. Putting them there will help me to not forget about them. The pain in the small of my back is pretty high this morning. I did something yesterday to aggravate it. Don’t remember what just remember it hurting in the evening.

I was doing OK this morning but I can never count on that to stay the same. As I was cooking my egg sandwich I began having difficulty juggling the tasks. I got through it and came to the table to eat. I went into the kitchen twice to grab a napkin but both times saw something small to do and thus getting the napkin vanished. On the third try I succeeded but by then the sandwich and coffee are cold. I poured dishwater but we will have to wait and see if I wash them. I did put away the dishes I washed yesterday. Took my pill at 7:00 this morning.

Right now sitting at this computer is hard on my back so I am sitting at attention to reduce the pain. This may be one of those days I prop myself up in bed and write with this laptop on my bent knees. That works well with me and allows me to get stuff done. The pain reminds me that I will have to be careful when I work on the house in Texas. As much as I prefer doing things myself I will have to find some reliable help. Otherwise I might cause further injury. I only broke my neck three times and the back once. Got to remember I’m not only damaged but getting older too.

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