Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another day

3/30/06 Thursday
It’s another day in the continuing saga of Bob. Cherie could tell I was getting depressed so told me it wasn’t worth being depressed over. I’m not upset over how Larry decided to conduct business regarding his half of the estate. He gets half regardless and that was never an issue in my mind. It is painful and puzzling that in his mind it appears he has cataloged me as some one not to be trusted and he has done this without even bothering to talk. As I sit here isolated from my family I can only guess at what they think of me. Cherie and I look forward to facing the storms of life together and our love for each other gives us strength and direction. I know that sounds like an old tired cliché but there is truth there. It is good to look forward rather than to just stand still much less to keep looking back. That’s done and gone.

I am doing OK. Running a 7 on the Bob scale. That’s average. Allen called. He asked me “What would you like to have of mine if I died?”. Now he’s got my attention. Allen has had several close friends commit suicide and it is always on his mind. Now he is facing a big problem and it’s inevitable results. I talked to him about this. “Allen…That’s stinking thinking again. You need to not allow this. Find something else to think about. I tell you what! Plan something to do in a few days to give yourself something to do”. We talked for a while. After I get Wayne taken care of I think I will run over and get Allen out of his hole. That’s what friends do. You know, the ones that don’t disappear when you have problems.

Cherie left me a shopping list for groceries. She has store, price, and coupons all down. Too cool. She sets the budget and knows how to get the deals. It helps for me to have written instructions, otherwise I would buy everything in the store. I’m heading out now to buy groceries.

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