Friday, March 10, 2006

Got stuff done

I whipped this up for my grandmother on her 98th birthday.

Got the entry published and am now at the church with Barb, Dixie, and Dee, who lives next door to Barb. Barb brought some clothes in to donate to the church. It usually takes them a while to get their food so I should have a chance to organize and label pictures. I also need to make my to do list. One of the things is to E mail the lawyer Wayne’s information so she can start on his case.

After taking their food home I took Barb and Dixie to the store for garbage bags and other stuff they needed. I just got home and checked my E mail. There was a comment from the blog (I have them sent to my E mail to make sure I see them) Evidently they would like more information on Jim Watson, the founder of Mission Toledo and other “ministries” across the country whom I suspect to be a scam artist. He wasn’t terribly clear so I left my E mail address so the individual can talk with me directly about what he would like to know.

Sharon, from the MS Society returned my call. She gave me some names of doctors who deal with MS so I can get Wayne the care he needs. Right now I will be calling to get Wayne an appointment.
I got a hold of MUO and come to find out Wayne is listed with two of the doctors in the neurology department. Evidently Wayne was to follow up on that and didn’t. I will have to take part of the blame for that because I took him to those appointments. I didn’t get my self listed on his paperwork and if I knew Wayne was to follow up I did not write it down in my calendar. With me, if it’s not written down it doesn’t happen. Wayne’s memory is worsening so that doesn’t help. I have said it is like the blind leading the blind. I got an appointment for Wayne in April.

Now I need to E mail the attorney in Kentucky for Wayne to give her vital information for her to take the case. Got that done. I am wearing out and it is only 1:00 but that’s the way it goes. I need to call the storage place and see if the deal they offered at the home show still stands. Then I need to arrange for labor to help us get things moved. Was going to pay Nate but they seem to be busy being offended. I don’t know cause they don’t talk. Poor Cherie hasn’t got a call and she didn’t do a thing. I left a message with Eileen to see if Calvin and Terry would be interested in making a few bucks. Right now I think I need to lay down for a short time.

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