Saturday, March 18, 2006

The future looks as bright as this morning

3/18/06 Saturday
It’s a bright cloudless day, about twenty degrees out. The high is expected to get up to forty. I just remembered that (who knows what I just remembered. I didn’t finish the sentence so just forgot what I just remembered. That’s Bob life.

Cherie and I just got back from doing some morning things. I called Barb because she had asked Wednesday or Thursday if I could take her and Dixie to the store. She said she would still like to go and that Dixie needed to go.

Dixie’s daughter came and got her out a couple of days ago. Dixie was doing the paranoid schizo thing again where she would not answer the door. Barb and her caseworker could see Dixie running around through the window but she wouldn’t answer the door. One of the last times Dixie had an event she had called Barb to come help her. Barb found Dixie hiding in her bathroom where she had been for a couple of days. I can’t but imagine what it is like to live in that kind of private hell that comes and goes when it feels like it. She is always uncomfortable and her depression is easily triggered. To be afraid and hide from voices that are always just outside the door is a torture worse than many others.

I am slowing down at a steady rate now. I had forgotten to take my seizure pill this morning and noticed the light headed dizzy feeling when we were in Andersons. We had stopped by there to get a key made for Ahmed. He had taken the woman who had stayed in his apartment back to Chicago and she had taken his keys with her.

At Anderson’s Cherie showed me some stuff she liked and we talked about what we would like, style wise, in Texas. Our tastes are so much alike it boggles my mind. Cherie was worried as she is prone to be but I told her I would be fine. We went to the Waffle House to get some breakfast as sometimes food helps. It didn’t make a difference but that’s Ok. From there we went to our old storage unit and let them know we had moved out. We were surprised when they gave us money back for the remainder of the month.

That done we went across the street to the new storage unit where I cleaned of the top of the one desk I had wanted to recover the most out of the old warehouse.
We took these pictures of it and I had Cherie take a picture of me as I take most of the pictures thereby none of myself.

This desk I had made to illustrate my abilities as well as to show different kinds of finishes. Kind of an advertising piece that also allowed customers to get a visual of different finishes. Now I can't remember which was which. Just another thing I will have to relearn like I have had to relearn much of my life.

I had gotten this desk out of a tatoo parlor I liquidated. I refinished half of it and left the rest just as I found it. (Yeah I know. You figured that out already)It has some damage from the five years it sat in the old warehouse but over all is not bad.I can clean up much of it and hide the scratch. It is a hope I can get back into this once we settle in Texas.

Here is a close up of the inlay work I did. Originally I would do this kind of stuff to relax from the twelve to fifteen hour days I would work.

Just so you know, the pictures of the old warehouse are of the area in the back that was my woodshop. That was nothing as I rented up to eighty thousand square feet when things were rolling. I should go back and get pictures of some of the office area and other parts like the space I gave up for the International Boxing Club that was used to give troubled kids some direction in their lives. That’s still going strong, at least I think it is. Now that I’m thinking of it I will give Harry Cummins a call to see how things are going. No answer so I left a message.

Cherie’s sister, Cathy called while we were on the way home. Cherie was both surprised and glad to get her call. Cathy called because she wanted to by Cherie’s sewing machine but any reason is good for us. Cherie learned a little of what Cathy wanted to do so had some good advice for her. Cathy just came and picked Cherie up so they could go out and look at different machines. This will give them some quality time and may help things politically. She has been reading this blog, evidently regularly, which is good as it will help them have a clearer idea who I am and who Cherie and I are together. Hell of a lot better than speculation based on little and inaccurate information that is tainted by opinions that have festered for twenty years. Truth is good regardless of how it is received.

While it is in this brain I want to record what Wayne had told me yesterday. We thought Sharon had moved out of the S. Cove apartments where Wayne lives but that was not the case. (Sharon, by the way, is a woman with brain damage received when her ex beat her with a pipe that we had been assisting.) What had happened was she had been beaten when she walked up to get her mail. The guy was in the St. Paul half of the complex and was probably one of the mental cases. He may have been trying to rape her. Sharon was in the hospital for three days and may need plastic surgery. I called and left a message for her. I don’t know if she will return it. She was withdrawing from Paxil, a nasty anti psych drug that is falling into disrepute because of its horrific side effects, and had developed an attitude against me. This was not uncommon as she had done the same thing with Wayne and is based on her distrust of all men. We had been teaching her how to drive again so she could get her license and be more independent. Anyway we feel bad for her and wish her the best. That illustrates the need to get Wayne out of there as soon as possible.

I should rest as I will be taking Fred, Barb, and hopefully Dixie (providing she is willing to come out) to the store this afternoon. I am sore all over from moving this stuff yesterday. The guys did 90% of the work but I had to pitch in. I didn’t do much but am hurting pretty good this morning. Mostly the back. This lets me know that I will need allot of help in Texas, on a regular basis. I will go through the churches in Stanton first to find someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and mostly in need of work. Also who will work cheap cause I ain’t rich at all. Not even close. The inheritance will be gone just fixing up the place. Maybe, still not sure how much it will be. Regardless I will keep the budget tight. I’m a cheap ass either way and not prone to waste anything. That’s why we will be investing to make everything there self sufficient. The cost of living will be minimal and quite possibly it will pay instead of cost. Got to think long term. This is not just home but where we hope to grow old together.

Cherie just got back. I asked how things went and she said “OK”. Their visit and shopping trip ended when Nate called. Cathy has to drive him down to Loraine, Ohio for something connected with his business. Cathy had told Cherie something but said “Don’t let Bob put that in his blog”. Cherie couldn’t remember what it was so it must not have been important. Who knows. Hopefully they will get less “delicate” about things as time goes by. At least they read this so in that way we communicate.

I’m not doing to bad right now as you can see from how much I wrote. Running about a 7 on the Bob scale. Still a little dizzy but the brain is working. I think I will get this published now.

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