Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Groggy start

If you look into the footprint you can see the wolf. If not click on it to make it larger. Beverly Doolittle is good at doing this.

(The remainder of yesterday)
4:17 – I’ve slowed down a bit. It was good while it lasted. At least I got something wrote and drew a schematic of the farm house. I’m getting bad fast now so I think I will go lay down. I know I fixed a big breakfast but don’t remember if I ate anything else. I running about a 4 on the Bob scale now. Headache is coming. I don’t think it will be fun.

Just got a call from the caseworker Wayne has with the Zeph Center. Earlier Wayne had called to let me know that Juanita from NPI had called. She told him that he needs to get something from a doctor showing medical need to be moved. When I heard this I told Wayne to call the Zeph Center right away, as soon as I hung up, and tell them “you need to set up an appointment” with the psych.
So the phone rang. Answering I hear a lady give her name, something oxborough, I don’t have a clue who she is. She talks and mentions Wayne and I begin putting pieces together. I play along as if I knew what the call was about till it connected. She will have Dr. Haley dictate a letter and Wayne did not even need to come down. Cool. I asked her to mail me a copy as Wayne did not always keep up with his mail. I figure if we both got it one of us would call the other and get something moving. I probably have that case workers name some where around here but who knows. She is good from the respect that she works to put together solutions to problems and feels for what she is doing.

I called Cherie to see about going to the park. I can tell that she is tired and probably more interested in just coming home. She has to pick up a prescription first so I told her we would see how she felt when she got home.

3/28/06 Tuesday
We both woke up groggy. “I wish you would stop beating me up at night” I joked to Cherie as I creaked up out of bed. She said she had a hard time waking up so felt the same. It’s always great to start the day out with another “Sudden” realization that we are getting old.

As you saw with the end of yesterday’s entry I slowed down last night. I am still a little rough this morning. Perhaps that will improve if I get up and get moving. Today is Barb’s birthday and Fred and I are taking her to do her laundry. I should call Wayne to see if he needs to do laundry but am unsure if there will be any room if the car for his laundry. Barb generally fills it up. I best get moving.

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