Friday, March 24, 2006

It's a hairball morning

3/24/06 Friday
Good morning. Been up since 4:30 when I was awakened by Carman kitty hacking on the end of the bed. I woke cognizant and was instantly aware he was working up a hairball so sent him flying off the bed. Cherie heard this so got up to use the restroom and stepped right on it. She mumbled and went back to bed but I just lay there awake. At 5:15 I got up and fixed a pot of coffee. This is one of those “I’m really sharp” mornings and I would put it at a 9 on the Bob scale. It’s prime time folks so I will use this period of above average cognizance as effectively as I can.

Part of that entails writing to get things done. First on that list will be getting Wayne better housing. As I lay in bed wide awake this morning I contemplated that issue. NPI Properties is typical of most institutions of the government tit. They are ponderous and slow to move, generally doing only the bare minimum they can get away with to still get their check. LMHA (Lucas Housing Metropolitan Authority) issues that check and is no model of excellence either. So how do I light a fire under their ass? By writing and getting other organizations involved. The Ability Center will be a key player in that as they are a well funded non profit organization that champions the needs of those with disabilities. The other major influence will be Congress woman Marcy Kaptur. This woman is the politician I am the most impressed with. She gets involved and gets things done, really caring for the needs of her constituents. I will use the pen to bring attention, to shine a light on if you will, to the deplorable conditions Wayne is subjected to.

I had been scheduled to take Fred and Barb back to the cell phone company because she claimed that her battery he just bought didn’t work. I may be way off base on this but here is what I surmise may be going on. Barb had asked for the old bad battery back because we had been told there was a recall on it. I know that Barb gets upset with Fred’s constant calling and I can’t blame her on that but I think there may be more to the story. She may just not be answering the phone, which she has done in the past and then claiming the new battery is faulty. Barb has done things like ordering a newspaper to get her payee to issue a check and then canceling to get cash back.

As a consequence of her pattern of deception in addition to Basil’s using ass being back in the picture I accept nothing at face value with her. She had today scheduled to take her phone back in for the battery but then canceled. It’s Friday. She gets a check and Basil gets paid so this would be party time. She told Fred she would be at the hospital “All day long” getting X-rays and tests. That seems a bit suspicious to have it just come up out of the blue suddenly with no warning and all day long? I don’t think so but I may be wrong. She rescheduled Fred for Monday on the phone battery so I will make sure she brings both batteries in case she is pulling a switch. I hope I’m wrong but time will tell. Fact is Fred is easily manipulated by Barb and she does that on a regular basis.

Allen called back yesterday, a day after he said he was going to. He said he didn’t call back before because he wasn’t feeling good. “I’ve been sick for two days” was his excuse. “I know Allen. You’ll keep getting sick until you get the medical help you need” I told him in a veiled reference to his abuse of pain killers. I said that I would drop by and fill out his Social Security paperwork with him today. First I will pick up Wayne and take him to the Ability Center with the letter I am fixin to write. I have a day planned and hope to stay sharp to get it all done. Now that I’m thinking about it I will go take my seizure pill right now before I forget. Don’t want any slow downs. Of course I never do. It’s 7:00 and I am doing well so I will publish this and keep the momentum going.

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