Saturday, March 04, 2006

Halfway through the day

How's this for a back yard?

Jimmy Patterson, the guy in Texas I E-mailed this morning already responded. I think he will be a great asset for us as he already told me where God vacations and God lives down there. That kind of insider information you just can’t get anywhere. (Now I hope that wasn’t offensive to anyone. It was just a tongue in cheek expression he used regarding some great places to visit)

I got Wayne to the bank and Kroger. His legs started giving out towards the end so I had him stay at the check out and ran to get the few items left on his list. It’s good that his walker also doubles as a seat. Wayne understands now why I make him do things like pick up items off the shelf and put them in the cart and is insistent on doing things himself. This is about his only form of exercise and he needs it. His blood sugar has been high so I told him what he already knows. To eat three or four small servings a day instead of two big meals like he does now.

Wayne brought up something that has been bothering me for some time now. He said “I don’t know what I’m going to do when your gone Bob”. Fred has family and friends, including Rick and Cathy who live in this building, who have all told him they would care for him. Barb has her case worker from the Zeph Center and Allen is a big boy who has transportation so they are covered when we move to Texas. But Wayne is a different story. This will be one of the last loose ends I need to address.

When I pulled up to Wayne’s apartment I noticed the apartment next door had the window boarded up. I wondered about that cause it has been empty ever since they moved the prostitute out. When Wayne came to the door I said “What happened here? Did the crackheads break in to smoke their stuff?”. He told me that the old lady who lived in #1 had gone on a rampage breaking windows. He thought it was some kind of medication she was on but I know this comes from smoking crack. Wish I could get him out of there.

Cherie and I are fixin to go to the craft show and spend some time together so I must leave this journal for now.

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