Friday, March 10, 2006

Rough news

Ate a peanut butter on toast with honey to see if that helps give me energy and to speed up. Didn’t work. Called Allen to check on him. He is depressed because his mom is back in the hospital. She is grossly overweight and has broken her hips and other bones from falls. Add to that she is diabetic. Now she has a staff infection with one of the germs that has evolved to being resistant to most antibiotics. Doesn’t look good. I still need to lay down so will do so whether I want to or not. I am slowing down.

Not bad. I only lost two hours. A little nap and I am back up to speed. Well up to a 7 on the Bob scale. Now I’ll check on E mail and continue labeling and sorting the pictures I was working on earlier today.

The doctor from MUO whom I had set the appointment for Wayne with just called me. We talked about Wayne’s needs. Evidently he had not followed up on an appointment that had been set for last year. I never knew about it. The bad news is that Wayne has what is called Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for which there is no medication that has shown any improvement. The doctor will talk to Wayne and I about this when I take him in to his appointment in April. I need to go online and learn more about this. Better do it now before it vanishes again from this porous brain.

This is depressing. Not much hope for Wayne. There are several in the support group who have had MS for well over 20 years and that gave Wayne a kind of hope. I don’t yet understand what all this means but will work harder to see that his remaining years are as good as possible. Got to get him out of cracktown and hopefully around people who are better. There is no one to fellowship with where he lives now and he keeps the bowie knife close in case of one of the crackheads trying to rob him. He did keep his shotgun there but I told him to put it away. This was for two reasons. The first is because of his suicidal thoughts and the second is if it got out he had a gun someone would for sure break in to steal it.

This really upsets me. The assholes at Social Security have been dicking around for three years now and preventing him from getting the disability that would make such a difference in the last years of his life. That burns me. The doctors with the DDS program that is paid by the federal government but run by the state did not even bother to send in paperwork after seeing Wayne. I bet they got their bill out fast. This is corruption on a state wide level. When we went to Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s office we were told that this is not unusual at all. So it is a known problem but no one seems to be doing anything. It is time for this pen to start writing. I’ve always been good at getting into trouble. Now I am going to be good at starting trouble for good causes. Piss me off, ya just motivate me.

Cherie came home while I was writing the previous paragraph so I was kinda down. I went into the bedroom to think on things and I heard her cell phone ring. It was Nate. He reads this blog and saw my entry about no one from the family calling Cherie so he called. That was a surprise but also a good thing to do. It helped brighten Cherie up pretty good. I’m quite impressed also though I am hesitant to even write this. Never know how something will be taken, kinda like walking on eggshells. Like I said the other day, I’m not used to tippy toeing. At least something good seems to be happening. Hey! I’m impressed. That’s a compliment. OK?

Tomorrow I take Barb and Dixie to the funeral home. That is at 6:00 in the evening but in the morning we go to the Direct Buy place and get to try the key they sent in the mail to see if we win a $25,000 home makeover. Of course we have to listen to a ninety minute sales pitch first. Fun Fun, can’t wait. That is a result of filling an entry out at the home show. We are guaranteed to win two prizes so I will bet on the Chef’s knife set. I doubt Chefs would use the knives but maybe I could throw them at snakes when we move to Texas. Who knows, we might win. Stay tuned, I’ll let you in on the sordid details. Good night all. Tell your friends to come read this blog. Who knows what's going to happen but I will try to rock the government boat/

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