Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Early and slow start

The "Walking Tree" It wants to free itself of that which ties it down and move to better pastures.

3/21/06 Tuesday
This ought to be a fun morning. I will be taking Barb to pick up her cat at 7:30 this morning. Fred said he wants to ride along. This is in response to me telling him that Basil is back. I will let Barb know that I will no longer be her chauffer except for necessary things like food. Her case worker can do the job she’s supposed to. I’m not going to let her lie to me.

Cherie looked at the blog and saw that I had published the same entry three times on it. This shows just how this Barb thing upset me and with stress the brain does not work very well. I don’t like these reminders of my disability. I also lost the rest of the day. The last entry was “I am at the Zeph Center with Wayne”. I know we had a good talk with Jennifer regarding issues like safe housing and motivating Family Services to do their job. I know I was very impatient and would get angry easily. There’s not much else there.

I just got back from taking Fred to Barb’s and then picking up her cat. I told Fred I was not going to be doing anymore for Barb than I had to. Didn’t say a word to her cause I had nothing to say. She talked Fred’s ear off. He bought her McDonald’s after we got the cat. Now I am home and not doing too well. Running about a 4 on the Bob scale. Got a slight headache. There are things I need to do like fill out paperwork for Allen’s Social Security disability claim. I don’t think I am up to it at the moment. Got some gentle music going. I don’t want to lay down, I don’t want to stay up, all I know is I want to be in Texas working on the farm and away from the darkness of Toledo. There I hope to find the peace that helps me function better.

Fred asked me what I had planned for today. In my typical confusion I told him we were going to the MS dinner at the Old Navy Bistro. Looking at my calendar I see that is tomorrow. Tonight we go to the orientation for Direct Buy.

The headache is climbing higher. Time for meds.

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