Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The end of another day

This is part of what's left at the warehouse. I will soon be allowed to find what little remains of my personal property'

I’m like Toledo weather. Just wait a while and I will change. I got a burst of energy and the brain moved up to an 8 on the Bob scale. I cleaned the kitchen and started some of my famous leftover stew. It is never the same because the ingredients are whatever needed to be cleared out of the fridge. I try to insure that there is nothing rotten in it but you never know. I figure that if you cook it long enough you kill practically everything that might harm you. If that isn’t true I will be making my next entry from the hospital. I’ll eat some before Cherie gets home to make sure cause I don’t want her to get sick. There are some meatballs, chicken, tough dry roast beef, rice, green pepper, soft potatoes, carrots, onions, and lots of spice to cover up the flavors. Yum Yum. Or should I say Ooh Ooh. Tell ya later.

Now I got some good news. Just called River East and talked to Holly. Channel 11 called and that had its desired result. Don Monroe said they didn’t need any negative publicity right now. The power of the pen wins out again. They will let me come in and get what I want out of the warehouse. Now I have to figure out how to do it.

Well the stew was good. It tasted good and we didn’t get sick so I mark that up as a success. I fixed some chocolate pudding from scratch and it’s good but too rich. We’ll have to get some cool whip to lighten it up. I am pretty tired. Good night.

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