Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Still sorting through the tangles

I am running down. This thing with the estate is bothering me to no end. Still trying to understand what the lawyer was saying. As a general rule when I’m confused I say no. I need to know what’s going on and don’t feel good about being kept out of the loop on this. I E-mailed one of the people I met in Midland through the blog and after a brief description asked if he could refer me to a lawyer. He’s a well known person whose is connected with the community. It won’t hurt to just consult with a lawyer. I suppose it would be smart come to think of it. This sucks. All because we don’t talk or in some circumstances just talk. Oh well.

I called Allen. He’s going through withdrawals again. I don’t think it will be long before he hits bottom. I’m sure his credit card is maxed out. He’s close. I think I have him deep enough into the system to get some help.

I’m still rattled on this estate stuff. Just trying to understand what’s going on. You know, want it to make sense.

Jennifer Stockbureau (Still can’t stick the name) called and let me know she had copies of the letter for NPI. She asked if the original should be sent to NPI so I told her “definitely”. Oh Yeah!!! 1. 2. 3. punch. The pressure is on to move Wayne. First me, then LMHA, then the Ability Center, and now the Zeph Center. I think I got their attention. The only group I didn’t get involved was the MS Society. For those just visiting Wayne is a Vietnam era veteran who worked blue collar jobs all his life and then…got MS. I’m working on getting him out of crack town and into a safe place.

There she is. The most beautiful girl in the world, at least I think so but I am biased. We are blessed and no matter what comes we have each other.

It’s almost 4:00 now. I am tired. Larry looked at the blog a short time ago. He read quite a few pages, about seven or so. Hope he calls but I can never predict his behavior. I’m having a hard time staying awake right now. I put on the chicken I marinaded. Cherie said to run it at 300 for forty five minutes and it will be done. She suggested we hit the park as soon as she gets home and that will help wake me up. I know why I’m tired. I took Fred to Kroger. That is always a drain and today Fred was extra confused. Add to the equation is I am sorting other things out so didn’t pay good attention to him. Cherie asked if I had gotten back with Virginia. “No, not yet” I told her. Perhaps that will help me understand what’s going on.

Not much else for today. Cherie already fell asleep. The park was good as it always is. Cherie and I enjoyed each others company and walked arm in arm. As we went down the path I saw our herd of deer at the bottom of the ravine. We took lots of pictures but few of them came out. Cherie is worried about what is going on down in Texas also. She doesn’t think much of how Larry is acting. He hasn’t bothered to call and the few times in the past he did he was drunk. It seems he thinks I was going to rip him off or something. Somewhere he developed these ideas without even talking to me. Nothing like an overworked imagination. Add to that is a basic fundamental of human psychology. A liar suspects everyone else is lying to him. A thief fears others will steal from him. What people are worried about is a good window into their own faults. Larry still hasn’t kept his word concerning what he grabbed for himself upon our mothers death.

I just talked to Virginia. She said Larry hasn’t worked since the funeral. He told her he was getting advise from dad on the estate saying “He’s been through all this before”. I have to wonder what the conversations about me were like. Two people who don’t know me from Adam, especially my father who only saw me a couple of times in twenty years. All Larry knows is from his brief encounters when I was wandering around with brain damage despite his being told by the hospital I was to be in rehabilitation. Virginia hopes we will talk. I told her that I have called and sent E mails with no response. She even commented on the tone of the one E mail he sent “Telling me” what to do and to hurry up and do it. She said he treated her the same way, like she was his servant.

Virginia is getting worn out with all this. She said it took her forever to get a hold of Larry because she needs a death certificate on our mother in order to access what’s at the bank. She told me again that she didn’t understand my dad not even talking to me. She also was wondering how Larry was surviving without working. Perhaps he talked dad into giving him the $10,000 he had offered before. I wouldn’t sign off because I wanted to talk to dad first. It was worth ten thousand to talk to him. I also didn’t trust Larry to handle my ten grand well. Ultimately I never got anything but that was no surprise. I have the will of my grandmother on my father’s side and it does require Larry and I to be together on getting those and other funds. This is something else I think I will have the lawyer from Midland to look at later. To think, all I want is for my family to talk with me. I guess that makes me a bad guy huh?

Enough of this. I’m going to bed now.

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