Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another day

If you look you can find beauty anywhere, even in the midst of desolation.

3/2/06 Thursday
Today I am to take Allen for his appointment at Family Services. With his application for Social Security disability I am confident he will be approved to get Medicaid. Nah, confident isn’t the right word here, high hopes would be more accurate. As you can tell from the shortness of yesterdays entry the end of the day was a bit rough. The migraine didn’t last long but always takes a bit out of me. I am running about a 5 on the Bob scale right now. The limp isn’t bad.
Cherie headed out to work. It appears that we didn’t get as bad of an ice storm as feared, which makes me feel better about her driving to work.
I called Fred to see how he is doing. He is as good as can be expected for some one who is 87 and has emphysema so bad he requires oxygen to sleep at night. He said he talked to Barb last night. It’s the same routine. She said her check didn’t come in and that she is out of food so Fred wants to take her to the Trilby church or the Huntington community center for the food handout. No problem, it’s what I’ve been doing for three years. I can’t help her with the money because it’s her choice to spend her check on drugs, alcohol, or whatever drain it constantly goes down. She had called last week and asked me to put a table on my credit card because she had the cash for the down payment but they wanted a credit card for the monthly payments. That got an absolute “NO” from me. She has pulled stuff on Fred and on her payee by getting them to pay for things like newspaper subscriptions and then canceling to collect the money.
Allen called. He is awake and moving. That is a good sign and further encourages me he is serious about getting help. He is just one of the folks I help. In his case to get medical attention for his chronic pain, thus freeing him from the addiction to pain killers that are sucking him dry.
Yesterday I was researching legal help and found that the University of Toledo’s law college offers help for those who are poor. One of the areas is Social Security disability which will help Wayne and maybe even Allen. I will also inquire on behalf of Eileen who needs to establish that she was Glen’s common law wife. (This is how I spend my time Nate).
It’s time to go now. I’ll wash the dishes and clean the kitchen later.

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