Thursday, March 23, 2006

Danced with the devil

I put all the MS people I have E mail addresses for in the Yahoo address book. In the middle of doing that I had a slow down, running about a 5 now. Typing slowed way down and I had to double check everything. I am fixing to go over to Wayne’s now. Perhaps I should wait a little. Yeah I’ll wait. Haven’t showered or eaten yet and it’s 11:30. Headache is rising up to. This sucks as always.

Cherie came home for lunch. I shared some of the pancakes I had made for my morning/afternoon meal. I called Wayne and told him I probably won’t make it out to visit him as I am going to lay down and take a nap. He was just laying down also. The headache is increasing. Hope it doesn’t make it to migraine level.

It didn’t go migraine, just been sitting here. Virginia called me from Texas and would like an inventory of what is at the farm. There really isn’t much. Larry said that Lee’s TV is in the garage. I’ll go through the pictures and see what I can find underneath the piles of crap.

Lets see. There are three refrigerators one of which works for sure. If the one in the kitchen works that’s to bad cause it’s full of mold and whatever else grew in it. I made a list.

Then as I worked on it I hear some one lightly tapping on the door, knock knock. I was sitting here in my sweats with out the top, writing they list and looking out the window because I know Cherie will be home any second. I knew who would be at the door and had been expecting this. Sure enough it was Jackie from next door. She said hi and extended her hand “I’m Jackie”. I told her my name and she said she wanted to talk to me. “Can I come in?” she asked. No way am I letting her in so she said I could come across the hall. That was better than her coming in, especially with the cigarette she was waving around.

Going into Ahmed’s apartment I kept my hand on the door knob, not closing it all the way. Jackie looked at me as she shuffled back and forth agitatedly and bluntly asked “Do you know where I can get some crack?”. I said “Yeah”. Jackie looked ecstatically happy for about a second but that soon changed as I continued my sentence. “I know where you can get anything but I’m not going to help you”. Now she went into pleading mode but I laid it out, not mincing my words at all. I told her who she was to her surprise “Jackie, your fiending. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve known hundreds of Jackie’s in my life. You’d sell yourself for a hit. In fact you already have. I’m not going to help you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger”. Jackie was bouncing off the walls and I am sure had just smoked the last of her crack maybe an hour ago. She was paranoid, putting her finger to her lips in the “Shh” motion to get me to quiet down.

I wasn’t worried about being quiet because I had something to say. Jackie made her disdain for Ahmed known right away saying the apartment smelled “so Muslim”. I looked at her and said “Ahmed is so easy, you got him wrapped, all you have to do is cry and he’ll come running”. Jackie just beamed like I had paid her a compliment, not at all realizing I was just ferreting out her true nature. Now I’m back to blunt. “Jackie, you know this stuff is killing you. Look at you. Your smart, you can do anything you want. This crap is keeping you in the dirt. Do you want to be a whore? Do you want to stay down here?”. She agreed and told me she had already caught an STD.

Now she was uncomfortable but was still playing to get drugs. We heard the door into the building open and she again did her paranoid “be quiet” finger to the mouth thing. I knew it was Cherie so just opened the door wide telling Jackie “It’s my wife”. Nothing like a little panic. Jackie was really bouncing now. Cherie saw me at Ahmed’s door she got a real concerned look on her face. I told her to come over and meet Jackie. She came up and I said “Jackie, this is my wife Cherie. Cherie, this is Jackie”. Jackie was doing a real nervous laugh and I continued talking to her about getting free from the drugs. It didn’t do any good because as soon as Cherie and I went across the hall to our place we saw Jackie heading out, probably to the bar next door where I am sure she will look for a gullible guy to get her crack. I’m not real happy.

When Ahmed comes back we’re going to have a little talk. I already know how I will start the conversation “Ahmed, are you na├»ve or just stupid”. I had already told him last week that she needed to go to drug rehab. Then I’m going to ask his devout Muslim pray to Allah five times a day sex is illegal self who does he think he’s fooling bringing a twenty two year old junky crack head up to his apartment. And then say he’s not messing around with her? Come on!!

Well that’s the fun I had today. How’d Y’all do? I can’t wait to go to Texas.

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