Friday, March 03, 2006

Thawing out

I noticed that Nate deleted portions of his blog that had to do with our little problem with each other. He did it at the request of family like I did at the request of Cherie. For that I compliment him and hope it is the start of a healing of sorts.
Nuff said there. I got the stove cleaned and it was a chore with this migraine and slow down. This is a physical one where the leg doesn’t work and my equilibrium is off making it difficult not to fall over. I am able to think a bit faster but the migraine is growing despite the medications. It is almost to the close the blinds level.
I just listened to my first Podcast. When I was looking at John Scalzi’s blog, , I saw a mention of this and John had a link to one of his short stories that was a Podcast. (By the way, John’s blog is one of the few I visit regularly. He is a published science fiction writer and his blog has a rare thing, Intelligence) I have been hearing about Pods for a while but never bothered to learn what they are. I had just presumed it was music and have no interest in paying to wander around with speakers in my ears. Education is good. I grew up on Sci Fi books, they were my escape from a rather troubled life. Unfortunately reading is difficult now because of this short term memory loss from the TBI but I have been wanting to read some of John’s stuff. I never remember to look for his books and really don’t buy much for myself because of our budget so the Podcast was an opportunity to check him out. He has a great sense of humor and of course the imagination required for Sci Fi writing. I listened to the Podcast moments ago but don’t remember much about it besides it was about alien animals and a few fragments like a pet alien that tried to eat the pet cat and smoking an alien skin with some pot. (You’d have to read or hear it to understand)

My ears are ringing pretty bad now. Hate when that happens. Glad I’m not scheduled to go anywhere cause I wouldn’t right now anyway. Everything is getting loud. The sound of Cherie’s computer, traffic out side, someone opening there door in the apartment building, the drip of water in the bathroom. It may be time to go hide in the bedroom where it is dark and…no, quiet doesn’t work because the sound comes through no matter what. Hey, I woke up today and I say that is all I need to have a good day so I’ll stick to that and refuse to feel sorry for myself. I did this to me so tough titty Bob, deal with it.

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